Starrrgasm’s Debut LP Out Now

Sex and Fear are physically identical sensations.  Context has forever drawn the line between foreplay and violence; a man can spend the majority of his life in dogged pursuit of something identical to what he’s running from.  In a black-and-white world of ones and zeros, this would be an intellectual curiosity and nothing more.  We live in shades of grey, however, and the dividing line between love and fear can at times become rather difficult to determine.  Emotional extremes come together in a kind of subjective twilight, and this is where you will find Starrrgasm, singing its national anthem.

Starrrgasm’s debut LP is something of a a picaresque, a collection of nine non-linear snapshots documenting an indeterminate time period of a life about which little is revealed.  The songs are personal and intimate, and yet one feels like something of a voyeur listening to them; these are songs meant for someone that is neither you nor I.  It’s a contemporary manifestation of the Nico paradox: self-consciously seductive and open for business right up till the moment it closes, at which point it simply disappears; anyone left inside is never seen or heard from again.

From the album, one can hazard a guess at Starrrgasm’s ancestry; there is a subtle violence in her music that falls somewhere between Siouxsie Sioux and PJ Harvey at her most theatrical.  You’ll want to go home with her, but you won’t quite feel safe sleeping next to her.  The music is entirely electronic, but the machines are doing a damn good impression of humanity.  This is rather like the singer; you’re seeing what she wants you to see, hearing what she wants you to hear.  But as to what’s wearing the sheep’s clothing, and its ultimate agenda?  By the time you’ll find out, you’ll no longer care.  Starrrgasm will ultimately do whatever she wants with you.  And you’ll have never felt so in love.  And you’ll have never felt so scared.

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Grant Valdes – Gathered Hymns of Haden Laas

Grant Valdes has just commenced work on a deliciously-intriguing project that should appeal to any fans of outsider music, Henry Darger, Jandek, or good old-fashioned creativity.

“At an estate sale in NY, I came upon a bundle of handwritten scores. Hymns, on inspection — signed by a Haden Laas. I took them home and learned them. Very little can be found on the author. The basic facts: Born August 22nd, 1899 in Kent, Connecticut; died April 21st, 1918 in France, during the Siege of Seicheprey. In between, the young man sketched hymns. They appear to have been completely unknown to the world until now.

Each month, for forty-four months, I will release an arrangement of one of his pieces. I hope for them to be performed in services.”
-Grant Valdes

Here is a link to the project, as well as its first installment.

Please like and share this if it interests you. I think this is the fulfillment of the ultimate hope shared by every artist who never find the acclaim they deserve.

Grant Valdes:

EDM Collective Presents: ClosedVision – Placid

“We got a weird one for ya! ClosedVision submitted this song to us with one pithy statement: ‘I put a lot of work and emotion into this’. 

Between you and me, I did a little eye-roll when I saw that. Cause, you know, I’d hope every submission is the product of hard work. But the emotion thing gave me pause; it’s not something that’s too frequently found on the shirtsleeves of EDM Producers. With one eyebrow raised, I clicked play. 

And hot damn. This guy manages to create some kind of digital offspring of a pedal steel guitar. It’s sweetly weeping. It’s like crying in a candy store. It’s fa-fa-fa-fantastic. I haven’t heard anything quite so idiosyncratic in some time. 

In retrospect, ClosedVision’s succinct statement of intent is perfect. He doesn’t need to talk it up; he knows exactly how good this song is. Honestly, he could’ve written “Here’s my submission. Fuck. You.”, and we would still be featuring it. 

Put this in your ears. Right where it belongs.”


-Brendan Renne


Harrowing – A Youtube Playlist of Disturbing Shit

I have crafted a youtube playlist of the most depraved, deranged and disturbing songs I’ve ever heard. You’ve got some Einsturzende Neubauten, Coil’s cover of Tainted Love (not at all like the version you’re familiar with), Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, Suicide’s Frankie Teardrop, Throbbing Gristle’s Hamburger Lady, Jandek, Swans, and so much more. Give it a listen, keep your sanity on its toes.

Good Music 6-23-14

My laptop is on the fritz for the second time in a month, and as a consequence of the advanced erosion of my social life and steadily-progressing agoraphobia, this is like Stephen Hawking experiencing a power surge.

As a means of keeping myself sane, I guess I’ll try to post whatever music I find throughout the day that strikes my fancy. And so:

Demrus ft. Coma-Eva

Out-Burial-ing Burial. Sorry for the grammatical nosebleed that might indeed cause.

I’ve been sympathizing hard with Vanda Alexandre as of late; she is studying for exams, and I have more than a few painful memories of forcing my scholastically-challenged brain to do that which it was not designed to do. There was a certain kind of music I listened to at the time; The Nurse by the White Stripes was kind of my anthem. Speaking generally, I favored music in those days that conveyed the mood of a person who, despite being face-down in the mud with some faceless foe’s boot pressed down firmly upon their head, is nevertheless optimistic because he gets the feeling that the owner of said booted foot will stop stomping just prior to death.

As I imagine her, Vanda Alexandre has a similar need for this kind of music, and her most-recent posting of this particular track is all the evidence I need.

Norman Sane – No Good Will Come

The track title and the artist’s handle makes me feel like he’s cut from mine own cloth, and it makes me want to perform simple tasks for him. Back in 1995, David Bowie released an album birthed from a collaboration with Brian Eno entitled “1. Outside”. It was the most concept-y of concept albums, and was not well-received, but I happen to think it’s the best thing he’s ever done. There were supposed to be two follow-up albums, but Bowie abandoned the idea. No Good Will Come sounds like the follow-up album that never was. The use of pads is cinematic, the creation of atmosphere is really breath-taking, and then the drums come in and do exactly what I want them to do. There’s a maturity and confidence here that you really don’t hear amongst even the top EDM producers around today under the age of thirty. Also, the artwork is fantastic; reminds me of Terry Gilliam or Jeunet and Caro’s post-apocalyptic steam punk stuff.

Summer of Haze – Twilight Occulta

I’ve only ever heard Summer of Haze by way of their collaboration with starrrgasm, and I regret having not remedied this situation sooner. The name ‘Summer of Haze’ is perfectly indicative of the sound; this is music for oppressive heat and shimmering hallucinatory vision. If this describes your locale’s current temperature, I encourage you to throw this on; it’ll help you get okay with it. Or at least hang a lovely frame around it.

Ineqa – Terrestrials teaser

dub step done right. if you’re a snob, you’ll dismiss this, but fuck you for doing so. Ineqa knows what the ‘D’ in EDM stands for (hint: it doesn’t stand for dick head)

mutantvinyl- Lavender

Whilst searching for blogs that might me sympathetic to mine own musical output, I came across Mutant Vinyl courtesy of

This is happy music. Even when it tries to be sad, it’s still pretty damn happy sounding. I find myself envious of the chemically-balanced mind of its creator. This is not an unusual occurrence for me, and usually I run away from this kind of shit just as fast as I can. However, I like this. It’s commercial, it’s clean, and it’s good. Makes me wish I was a different kind of person!

Big Chunk of Free Music

You can’t get any freer than free.

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