EDM Collective Presents: ClosedVision – Placid

“We got a weird one for ya! ClosedVision submitted this song to us with one pithy statement: ‘I put a lot of work and emotion into this’. 

Between you and me, I did a little eye-roll when I saw that. Cause, you know, I’d hope every submission is the product of hard work. But the emotion thing gave me pause; it’s not something that’s too frequently found on the shirtsleeves of EDM Producers. With one eyebrow raised, I clicked play. 

And hot damn. This guy manages to create some kind of digital offspring of a pedal steel guitar. It’s sweetly weeping. It’s like crying in a candy store. It’s fa-fa-fa-fantastic. I haven’t heard anything quite so idiosyncratic in some time. 

In retrospect, ClosedVision’s succinct statement of intent is perfect. He doesn’t need to talk it up; he knows exactly how good this song is. Honestly, he could’ve written “Here’s my submission. Fuck. You.”, and we would still be featuring it. 

Put this in your ears. Right where it belongs.”


-Brendan Renne


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