Grant Valdes – Gathered Hymns of Haden Laas

Grant Valdes has just commenced work on a deliciously-intriguing project that should appeal to any fans of outsider music, Henry Darger, Jandek, or good old-fashioned creativity.

“At an estate sale in NY, I came upon a bundle of handwritten scores. Hymns, on inspection — signed by a Haden Laas. I took them home and learned them. Very little can be found on the author. The basic facts: Born August 22nd, 1899 in Kent, Connecticut; died April 21st, 1918 in France, during the Siege of Seicheprey. In between, the young man sketched hymns. They appear to have been completely unknown to the world until now.

Each month, for forty-four months, I will release an arrangement of one of his pieces. I hope for them to be performed in services.”
-Grant Valdes

Here is a link to the project, as well as its first installment.

Please like and share this if it interests you. I think this is the fulfillment of the ultimate hope shared by every artist who never find the acclaim they deserve.

Grant Valdes:

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