Starrrgasm’s Debut LP Out Now

Sex and Fear are physically identical sensations.  Context has forever drawn the line between foreplay and violence; a man can spend the majority of his life in dogged pursuit of something identical to what he’s running from.  In a black-and-white world of ones and zeros, this would be an intellectual curiosity and nothing more.  We live in shades of grey, however, and the dividing line between love and fear can at times become rather difficult to determine.  Emotional extremes come together in a kind of subjective twilight, and this is where you will find Starrrgasm, singing its national anthem.

Starrrgasm’s debut LP is something of a a picaresque, a collection of nine non-linear snapshots documenting an indeterminate time period of a life about which little is revealed.  The songs are personal and intimate, and yet one feels like something of a voyeur listening to them; these are songs meant for someone that is neither you nor I.  It’s a contemporary manifestation of the Nico paradox: self-consciously seductive and open for business right up till the moment it closes, at which point it simply disappears; anyone left inside is never seen or heard from again.

From the album, one can hazard a guess at Starrrgasm’s ancestry; there is a subtle violence in her music that falls somewhere between Siouxsie Sioux and PJ Harvey at her most theatrical.  You’ll want to go home with her, but you won’t quite feel safe sleeping next to her.  The music is entirely electronic, but the machines are doing a damn good impression of humanity.  This is rather like the singer; you’re seeing what she wants you to see, hearing what she wants you to hear.  But as to what’s wearing the sheep’s clothing, and its ultimate agenda?  By the time you’ll find out, you’ll no longer care.  Starrrgasm will ultimately do whatever she wants with you.  And you’ll have never felt so in love.  And you’ll have never felt so scared.

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