1984 – A Retrospective FREE DOWNLOAD

Artists from the Electronomicon facebook group have released a compilation of re-imaginings of songs released in 1984. This is some weird, dark, trippy stuff, people. Just look at the track list:

1. Time After Time (Cindi Lauper Cover) – a quality without a name

2. Song To The Siren (This Mortal Coil Cover) – Arielle Esther

3. I Don’t Believe Anymore (Icehouse Cover) – James McGauran

4. Smooth Operator (Sade Cover) – Go Astray

5. Soul Inside (Soft Cell Cover) – Summer Lungs

6. The Top (The Cure Cover) – PTSD (feat Benjamin James Wylie)

7. Listening (Pseudo Echo Cover) – Audioblivion (feat Jason Buchanan)

8. The Order of Death (PiL Cover) – Gravity Feeder

9. World Destruction (Timezone Cover) – DevilMonkey (feat Benjamin James Wylie)

10. Ghostbusters (Ray Parker Jr Cover) – Psychacia

11. Planet Earth (Duran Duran Cover) – Blix Six

12. It’s Like That (Run DMC Cover) – Benjamin Wylie

13. Love resurrection (Alison Moyet Cover) – Liza Nicklin

14. Stories of Old (Depeche Mode Cover) – Deadlights (feat Stew French)

15. How Soon Is Now (The Smiths Cover) – XSRY

16. Solar Lodge (Coil Cover) – Ullapul

17. The Fatal Impact (Dead Can Dance Cover) – Dbpit & Xxena

If you aren’t salivating, go grab yourself a bib because things are about to get wet.



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