Review: Self-Perception – No Signals. Lost Faith.

I like a band like Self Perception, though I honestly wish I didn’t. I wish I couldn’t identify with this music. I wish it sounded like a transmission from a place I had never been to and had no wish to ever visit. I wish I could furrow my brow in an exaggerated display of befuddlement, contort my lips into a smile of condescension disguised as sympathy, and say “Oh, it’s just so…DARK”.

Maybe in the next life. In this one, I can sympathize. This music says fuck you in familiar directions. This music will make people worry about you. If you play it loud enough, you won’t have to hear them. It spares you from the discomfort of the wrong people’s presence.

No signals. Lost faith. is five variations on a nightmare. The beats are the benign concrete beneath your feet, reliable and familiar and cold; everything else is shape-shifting malignancy. Fog wrestles with steam to get inside you with each breath. Strobe lights give way to black lights as drowning victim synths wail in mourning with power drills gripped tightly in their clammy wet hands. Sound clips from the sad parts of dark movies coalesce and disperse, marking the passage of time, dispelling any possibility of comfort quilt subjectivity: you’re supposed to be scared. You’re supposed to be fearful. No signals. Lost faith. provides a focal point from which to savor these emotions’ myriad little complexities.

I mean, let’s face it: they’re with you every waking moment. You mind as well find a way to enjoy them.

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